We provide comprehensive consulting and reporting services to employers continuously faced with the complex challenge of navigating the highly complex legislative and regulatory environment for their health and other group employee benefit plans. Illustrated below are threee components under this umbrella — government passing legislation and issuing departmental regulations, employers completing their document and filing requirements and employers  communicating to plan participants.

IRS — Code Provisions Governing Welfare Benefit Plans
DOL — ERISA, FMLA and Other Federal Labor Laws
EEOC — Age (ADEA), Disability (ADA), Civil Rights Discrimination
HHS — HMO, Social Security, Employer Medicare-Eligible
IRS, DOL, HHS —  Jointly Administer Affordable Care Act
ERISA Mandates Employers Communicate Specific Information on Employee Benefit Plans to Plan Participants, DOL, IRS, HCFA —
Eligibility to Participate; Description of Benefits; Authority of Plan Sponsors; Obligations of Plan Particpants; Claims Procedures; Notification of Benefit Determinations, Time Limits, Remedies
An Individual Becomes a Plan Participatant Earliest of:
• Date Designated by Plan When Individual Begins Participation
• Date Individual Becomes Eligible Meeting Contingencies
• Date Individual Makes Voluntary or Mandatory Contribution
DOL Publication: Reporting and Disclosure Requirements
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