Specialization and scale have allowed employers to improve the quality of service at lower costs through service extensions with incumbent vendors, business process outsourcing to third parties and service level agreements with BPaaS vendors.
An example of the extension of services approach would be to extend the current services from a self-funded, short term disability Advice to Pay (ATP) arrangement to a Family Medical Leave Administration (FMLA) and Absence Management program. For example, FMLA leave administration would track federal and state unpaid family leave programs, electronically verify employee eligibility and entitlement for benefits, and manage and administer intermittent leave to control compliance. Absence management continues this extension of services by using this single intake point to integrate the processes with the Americans with Disabilities Act as Amended (ADAAA) for extension requests, medical certifications, accommodations, etc. We are not an outsourcer. We provide Analytics-as-a-Service as an addition and/or extension of services.
A BPO is the third party that owns, administers and manages one or more delegated business processes based on some defined and measurable performance metrics. For example, an employer contracts a single business task to a BPO, such as benefits administration, as a third-party service provider. In this example, it would mean the third party assumes all of the traditional HR functions related to benefits administration from enrollment, billing, answering benefits related questions for the employees, communications, etc., among other administrative tasks. We are not a BPO in this sense. We provide Analytics-as-a-Service that might constitute a hybrid BPO model for specific HR and Finance analytics.
BPaaS is the delivery of business process outsourcing (BPO) services, sourced from the cloud, constructed for multi-tenancy, where the services are often automated, and when human actors are required, there is no dedicated labor pool per client. We are a BPaaS in this sense in that our Analytics-as-a-Service is sourced using Microsoft Azure's Cloud Services with multi-tenancy.
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